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A project between Italy and the United States on cultural tourism, business, wine, food, travel and friendship 


*This story appears on November-December 2020 Terre & Culture magazine issue, in the section Ameritalia.


Ameritalia is a collection of stories from the life and love I've shared between two countries. Through these stories, I hope to show you just how important two words, food and friendship, are in our lives.

Ameritalia stands for America-Italy, two places that I'd like to help readers get to know a little more. Through a variety of themes like tourism, wine, food and culture, readers will be introduced to the customs and history of these countries, gaining insight into just how much they have to offer while receiving detailed information on how to plan the perfect vacation. From tourism to cooking, from art to culture and the histories behind their lifestyles, readers will learn where to stay, what to eat, what to buy and how to capture the daily routines of locals.But most importantly, they will be given a way to create new friendships.

Listed below are 10 essentials guidelines I will follow to help readers have fun, smile, get acquainted, laugh, and even judge! I promise that FOOD and FRIENDSHIP will be the thread weaving everything together to get to know and understand each other along with what represents us, creating long lasting friendships. 

My writings will be published in the magazine Terre&Culture, to be later collected in a book titled Ameritalia, which won't just be a book of recipes, even though you can view hundreds. It won't just be a book on traveling, but you'll get to know new places and their treasures. It won't just be a memoir, but rather a way to get to know each other and discover what these countries have to offer while nurturing old friendships and discovering new ones.

My ten guidelines are:

  • Food is life.
  • Food is family.
  • Food is history.
  • Food is culture.
  • Food is love.
  • Food is health.
  • Food is happiness.
  • Food is pleasure.
  • Food is the common thread in getting to know each other.
  • Food is making new friends and keeping old ones.


Expert in the history of Italian regional cuisine and leader in the promotion of organic Italian food, Gisella Menni Isidori is a well-known international consultant in the agri-food sector and sustainable tourism. She started making Made in Italy known in the United States since 1960. Throughout her career she has worked with many Italian growers, artisans and tour operators in Italy to improve their business and export their products to Canada and the United States.

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