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What the new column Food & Friends will talk about 


*This story appears on January-February 2021 Terre & Culture magazine issue, in the section Food & Friends.


The idea of creating a column dedicated to Food & Friends comes from various stories exchanged between friends in the evenings spent together around a table that helped building friendships that we know will never end. The column F&F through the presentation of persons, places and food specialties will allow you to experience emotions that have stimulated and enriched the lives of those who told the stories turning them into a real journey of mutual understanding and discovering the Beautiful, the Good and the Healthy Life.

In addition to describing the characters we will talk about small and magical villages that still after more than 500 years maintain their ancient traditions of history, Language, crafts, religion and food culture far from the actual rhythms of our modern life and will turn to be many pleasant surprises. Space will be dedicated not only to beautiful and experienced topics and stories, linked to the discovery of timeless traditions and cultures, but the direct participation of readers will be an important contribution to the F&F column. This will create a tourist-cultural circuit and will also encourage the establishing of an association aimed at researching and widely spreading the values of territories with history and traditions to be remembered. The choice to write both in Italian and English has become necessary not only for the participation of correspondents from foreign countries, but also because of the presence of programs and projects aimed to do promotion.   Some of these projects are already being realized while others are still in draft but supported by members interested in the internalization of their own realities. They will be published with the only purpose to catalyze exchanges and joint ventures. Thanks to the testimonies of corresponding friends the column will help broaden horizons and knowledge like, as an example,the experience lived in a beautiful desecrated Church in an Australian town, where the participation of an entire community contributed in the preparation of a Renaissance dinner to celebrate one of their friends, a doctor, who was named to receive the Nobel prize.

Thanks to this occasion the Church has resumed all its sacredness as temple of quality food and health.  Another anticipation is the adventurous and eventful life of a true prince who, for love of horses and beautiful women, has traveled the world living in beautiful antique residences, then in country farms, in small studio apartments, finally living today as a stableman…. happy among noble memories and paintings of beautiful lovers perhaps more related to his horses than to him!!!!!

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