A suggestive glimpse of the Tuscan landscape, in the historic Mugello area, homeland of great italian artist like Giotto (ph: Lorenzo Franzoni)

Getting to know each other by getting to know the world

A journey through the lens of cultural tourism
* This story appears on November-December 2020 issue, in the section News

This issue, in collaboration with Gisella Isidori who has proposed the project, marks the beginning of a journey of must-see stops in Italy and the United States through a lens of cultural tourism, which represents the research and knowledge of what surrounds us, excites us and stuns us, and what we study, taste and feel. Each of these aspects align with the mission of Terre&Culture: getting to know each other by getting to know the world. We will begin with articles on California and Puglia, followed by the remaining US states and Italian regions, which will later be compiled into one or two bilingual volumes titled Ameritalia, to provide a unique type of guide.

This title originates from the union between America and Italy, and is inspired by Gisella's life spent between Italy, where she was born and raised, and the United States, where she worked as a businesswoman and professional to bring the Made in Italy brand to the States. 

Through the Ameritalia project, we hope to develop a network connecting Italy and the United States to provide a pathway to projects, an exchange of ideas and knowledge, entrepreneurship and gastronomic tourism, while also increasing the awareness and participation of those who wish to read about our mission through our magazine, Terre&Culture, our website, our newsletter and our social media platforms.

Our articles on Italy, written by Gisella, define Italy as the country of bello and buono through its extraordinary cuisine, recognized around the world as one of the best. And along with its cuisine, comes all of the Italian food production originating and developed in our small towns and cities, in our artisanry and in what Italiano truly means, which the author so perfectly conveys to the reader.


Articles on the United States, which our author knows as well as Italy, present every state through its history, friendships, trips and local foods in an extraordinary collage written just as it was lived. As you will read in her introduction, it is precisely this, the authenticity, that is most striking. In the 1960s, she had the interesting idea of introducing Made in Italy to the United States.

It will therefore be one big trip that brings together these two great nations, along with their people, their life stories of immigration and entrepreneurship and, last but not least, their culinary traditions which, as Gisella writes, come together in food and friendship.

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